ROM Hack Fire emblem Awakening, Chrom support randomizer


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Oct 3, 2015
A simple project I did to learn some new things in c#, the Randomizer only randomize Chrom and it is preferable to play with FeMU (well not if you want to play with a MaMU with 2 Sumias, 2 Sullys, 2 Maribelles and 2 Olivias in his support list).

The randomizer is not perfect, since I used my own gamecard and I still don't know if pointers are different from a game to another, it may be possible that the randomizer only work for me, I'm still working on that. The good thing about it is that it works! Here's some proof for you guys:


Yes you can only see Miriel silhouette and sumia's too so some might doubt me and scream at me "LIAR!" but if in the bottom list of Chrom's there was Nowi, Tharja and Olivia. I made the randomizer so that Chrom could still get his originals wifes.

"Why Anna's is a non-romantic support of Chrom?"

Because I'm stupid, this is literally that, while making the randomizer i had difficulties since support in that game has a complicated rule (not that much, but to a lazy as me, it is) that is you can only swap pairing, not add nor remove. Now why am I stupid? You remember when I said that I don't recommend MaMU if you randomize (well if I randomize, that program has a major compatibility problem, or might has... Well lots of things could be improved in that program XD ) Well since Anna has 3 support (FeMU,MaMU and Tiki), I could just had taken MaMU/Tiki support and replace it by Lissa of the Chrom/Lissa non-romantic support , give Lissa to MaMU and give Tiki to Chrom! You see why MaMU has double of Chrom's potential wife in his support list? Yup, all the swapping of Chrom's potential wives are made by swapping them with the originals MaMU pairing.

"So your saying you are showing us a randomizer that we can't download because your a lazy guy?"

Yes and no, while I didn't verify compatibility, I made this program to learn. You see that project was not only to make a randomizer to share with the world, but to learn, I just need to learn how to make my code search for a specific hexadecimal bytes and I will be able to make some changes and then, send the randomizer to the community, mind you, it is only a randomizer for Chrom but if you make a 100% completed with 100% of the characters randomizer, I will be blessed :D.


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