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    Hi. I read that it is customary to introduce yourself when entering these forums so that I don't just jump in and hijack a thread out of left field. I have a newly modded Wii running 4.3U. It is an older Wii that I bought new within a couple months of launch. I used ModMii and selected Virgin Wii to soft mod it using Lego Indiana Jones. I have CFG USB Loader installed and it is working great but I also would like to play gamecube backups. I understand that it is only possible to play gamecube backups through backup discs and not USB loading (yet?). I have been doing a lot of reading to this goal, but I am not certain exactly how to achieve this with my current setup. I would like to use Neogamma (because I understand this is the best for GC backups and ModMii) but I do not know what Modmii exactly installed during the soft mod in terms of patched IOS's and stuff. If I need to install a patched IOS which one is most compatible with Modmii? And which slot would I install it to? And would this impede any functions of the USB loader? and I think I would need a patched Mios to run the gamecube backups and I don't know which one to use and how or where to install that. I'm sorry for my noob questions, I have been doing my best to understand, I just need a bit more help. Also since I only have a vague idea, a list of everything I would need and maybe how to do it would be really great, but I'm not tryiing to be greedy, any info would be immensely appreciated. Thanks!
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    BTW: I don't use modmii for that exact reason, you don't know what your installing. I modded my wii manually, with Dop-Mii and cIOSx Installer.

    To play gamecube backups, you'll need a cMIOS.
    --> Download this and run it. I presume you do know how to run elfs or dols. And what cIOS do you have to run CFG, Waninkoko's or Hermes' ?
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