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    Hey guys, thx you guys a lot in my previous 3 topics. It has literally helped out greatly and I appreciate it! My friend is coming back tomorrow from a trip and is giving the PSP tomorrow (Silver Dextar Pack). I just have some questions to ask, and I don't think any of these have been answered because I've searched on GBATemp "Search."

    1) I'm getting a 4GB memory later this weak, if I hack the PSP with the 1gb that it came with, how do I use the 4GB with the cfw?

    2) Can a phat battery or phat Pandora battery work with this PSP Slim?

    3) I've checked the Soft Mod section of the forum and it says that M33 is outdated compared to GEN. I'm wondering if M33 has gone through a update lately? I'm asking this because from couple of people, apparantly GEN can brick the PSP randomly and can't be fixed.

    4) I'll be still going for GEN but on the softmod topic, it doesn't really clearly say that the person can either download the GEN or M33 as CFW. I'm wondering if I have to download M33 in order to get GEN? Because it just says, the phrase "How to update to 5.50 GEN D3"
    5) I was wondering when ever a new update comes out for GEN, is there a way to tell if it's in BETA state or some sort? So I don't screw up my PSP.

    6) Lastly, which Cheat program for PSP do you guys work/updates best?

    Thank you guys for the huge amount of help!!!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, whats the lates GEN and I don't need m33 to get GEN? I've read a few topics saying that if you erase files from the memory card, it will still be there (So the free space wont be avaliabl) is there a way for that not to happen?
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    1) Insert the stick, System Settings, Format Memory stick -> all the needed folders will be there.
    2) Yes, but you can't put the lid back, it kind sticks out.
    3) m33 died a long time ago, and that's thing about GEN bricking people? That must have been somebody stupid who tried to install permanent CFW on a 3k or a 2k with 88v3.
    4) just have to flash 5.00m33-6 if you have a version lower than that, you don't technically install it.
    5) There is. The GEN team will say it's a beta. But I doubt any more updates are coming soon.
    6) CWCheat, the plugin.
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    Solid answers. I haven't had any problems with GEN-D3, and GEN overall, but there will and always be arguments for the compatibility/stability of one or the other, which seems to be roughly the same. CWCheat is the way to go, and make sure to find one of those auto-updater plugins that auto-updates CWChat. (I don't use cheats, but I know such things exist). GEN won't be updated for a long while because the creators don't feel that it's right to release an update w/o homebrew support[which has been totally restructured] (releasing one with just CSO/ISO) support also paints a red target on them for implicitly advocating piracy, which isn't something they believe in.
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    well this is how i would do it:
    download pspgrader and make the mms, install 5.00 m33,
    download 5.50 Gen D-3 And install it, now reboot your psp hold r to go to the recovery menu
    go to configuration and set umd mode to : sony NP9660 -No UMD-
    use vsh menu (enable that) i think it's usually disabled
    and then it's ready for usage [​IMG]

    extra step (not needed)
    go to cpu speed and set the umd/iso speed to 333, That way games like GTA will run much smoother but it takes more power.
    for the cheatplugin download cwcheat and install it (there probably instructions with it) and download and install cheatup that way you can easily update your cheatfiles [​IMG]
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    Sorry but to hi-jack but if I buy a used PSP, whats the Activate PSP in our psn account settings? On my settings (for pc) theres a section for it.
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    Uh...that binds the connected PSP to your PSN account.
    Deactivating unbinds it, IIRC.