Finally beat Culex (SMRPG) tonight ... kinda anticlimactic.

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Even though I was around for the NES and SNES days, I never played Super Mario RPG back then. And I never played it on an emu cuz I never enjoyed emus on a PC enough to justify the time investment. But since I can play SNES on the Wii now with a Classic controller pro, from my sofa, the experience is 'authentic' enough, so first I beat the game along with my 8yo daughter. I enjoyed the game but left a lot undone because she didn't have patience for side quests. So I started a new save of my own, taking a less direct approach to get into some of the extras in the game. Like beating Jinx, and then tonight I went in for Culex. I was hoping for something really special, but the 'quartz charm' he lays on you after winning isn't much worth it. Every accessory I currently have equipped is already superior to Culex's gift. Oh well.

    At least now I can say I beat Culex!