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    A quote from the Square Enix Press Conference (that I'm currently viewing a live blog).

    Live Q & A:

    Q: What are the ties to Final Fantasy XI, if any?
    A: While you may have noticed that some of the same type of races appeared in the trailer, the world of FFXIV is different from FFXI. The reason that we made the races similar to the FFXI races is so FFXI players could choose a similar type of race in the new game. For example, in movies, you might have an actor that plays many different roles. Please, think of it that way.

    Q: What happens to Final Fantasy XI now that we're moving to FFXIV? Are you going to phase it out or continue to publish new content for XI? How will the development team be split?
    A: The development for FFXIV started 4 or 5 years ago with primary ideas. Development started a few years ago, while FFXI was still being supported. FFXI will continue to be supported. There is another year of content planned. There are no plans for the near future to stop development on FFXI.

    Q: What influence have games like World of WarCraft have on the development of FFXIV?
    A: As with WoW, we want to aim a bit for the casual user. However, we don't want to make a copy of WoW. We believe we will have things that are unique and will stand out from that game.

    Q: Will combat be more action oriented or turn-based?
    A: We cannot talk about the battle system at this time.

    Q: FFXI has evolved a lot over the years, especially in the areas of player accessibility and the ability to solo. Will you carry over features like level sync and other features to FFXIV?
    A: Yes. All of the knowledge and experience we gained from FFXI will be used in the development of FFXIV. At the launch, we intend to have content for solo players as well as large-scale battles. We want a wide-variety from the start.

    Q: Are you planning a simultaneous worldwide release or will it be released in Japan first?
    A: Yes. At the launch, this will be a worldwide simultaneous launch on PS3 and Windows PC. English, Japanese, German, and French versions released at launch.

    Q: Will all servers be worldwide or split by territory?
    A: The current plans are to have worldwide servers that are cross-platform and cross-region. We will do a beta test and look at the balance and player experience. We want to look for a good balance between region and cross-region play.

    Q: Will you be taking feedback from your FFXI users?
    A: Yes, we still get a lot of feedback from our FFXI players and will continue to take feedback as we move into beta. The game will change as it goes.

    Q: Will you try to move players from XI to XIV or will they be separate communities?
    A: It's up to the community themselves. We envision users that will hopefully play XI one day and XIV another. They will be independent, but users are free to play both.

    Q: Are there plans to localize the game in Spanish?
    A: Currently, there is no Spanish version in development. We'll consider it if enough Spanish-speaking users demand it from us. Getting good translators in Japan is hard, but if there's enough demand we will consider it.

    Q: How can users transmit this demand?
    A: We will conduct marketing research.

    Q: Is there any special element in the MMO genre that you will improve with this game?
    A: Our plan from the beginning was to make the best Final Fantasy game available. That is our vision for XIV. Then we thought, how can we make the best FF game and we came to the conclusion that it would be an MMORPG. It was decided to make the best FF first, then led to the decision to make it an MMORG and use that genre. However, we are trying to implement a lot of new systems that other MMO's haven't used in the past.

    Q: Why did you decide to make a new game rather than continue to evolve FFXI?
    A: It all comes down to, originally, FFXI was designed for the PS2. It then moved to PC and Xbox 360. A lot of people have asked for a port to the PS3. With an MMORPG of this size, you have to develop new content. Porting to a new technology would take a lot of effort. Instead, we decided to use that time to make something new.

    Q: Yesterday's trailer that was shown, was that running of a console or was it pre-rendered?
    A: There were parts that were pre-rendered and parts that were running on the in-game engine.

    Q: Is that the quality you're aiming for? The scene with the Galka fighting, is that what you're aiming for?
    A: Yes, that is the part that was running in-engine.

    Q: In that scene, we saw many parties and many enemies. Is this the new focus: many parties fighting many enemies?
    A: I cannot say too much, but we hope to have battles that are many vs. many and many vs. one.

    Q: What would you like to emphasize with this game? What is different from FFXI?
    A: For FFXIV, the keyword that we've been using is "The Growth and Development of the Character." We will have the same type of storytelling and high-quality graphics. We also want to expand and create new in-game systems. The player can grow & develop in a more natural way without putting too much weight on the player. We will expand the job system to make it fairly different from the one in FFXI. Another very important concept that takes a different direction from FFXI, for FFXIV we want to make it so the player can choose to play solo, in a party, 40 minutes, all-day... there will be content for ALL of those play styles and systems for all of those play styles.

    Q: On the beta process, will current XI players get in?
    A: As with the actual release date of the game, we don't have a concrete beta schedule yet. We will have a beta and look forward to more information about then shortly.

    Q: Will FFXI characters be portable to XIV in any way?
    A: The game is completely different. There will not be any XI character transfers to XIV. However, the character design is familiar and XI players will be able to create a similar character. We will NOT be using PlayOnline, but friend lists will transfer over.

    Q: If I'm new to the MMO genre, why would I choose FFXIV over other games?
    A: We believe that players will fall in love with the world & story that we have created.

    Q: I've been seeing information that the title is free to play, is this true?
    A: No pricing has been decided at this time. It is still TBD.

    That wraps it up for the Q&A. Thank you all for following along and I hope you had some of your questions answered.

    News Source: G4TV Live Blog
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    *crossess fingers*

    it would be nice to see this title come to the 360, then there will be proper competition.
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    Whoa, Sony lost another exclusive after just one day. This is a new record [​IMG]

    It's me or they announced this as "exclusive" for PS3 at the E3? I remember that...

    If not, please disregard this comment [​IMG]
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    I'm currently viewing the live blog, I'll update this topic with Q&A for those who can't view it. If you want to view it, its in the source.

    Can a mod or admin change the topic to "Square Enix Press Conference" or something?
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    if they say it's exclusive to the ps3, it's exclusive to the ps3, you can't have everything, i think you have been spoiled enough with our sony exclusives anyway.
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    It would be great if it would come to the 360 as well, but they DID say PS3 exclusive... then again, the 360 is losing exclusives left and right, so the PS3 can afford to lose one as well.
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    And we all know how popular FF11 was on the PS2 and PC right? [​IMG]

    Honestly, making it PS3 exclusive is going to be a mistake, people won't want to play it if they have to pay for it on a console, PC gamers don't care as much because they don't have to worry about games becoming extinct 5 years down the road even if the hardware requirements change. I can't see it lasting all that long if another console generation is going to be forced in 2 or 3 years time, at which point the development time will have been wasted either way. I don't really care if it's PS3 exclusive, but from the business side of things having it on PC and 360 might help it's cause a little bit more. Also, mmorpg's require an asinine amount of data space, WoW in it's current state after all content patches and expansions is roughly 11GB's but it can all be run off the hard drive, you don't need a disc once it's installed and this is an MMO that has been around for almost 5 years now. The data requirements for a Final Fantasy MMO when it comes to hard drive space would force players to need the 120GB drive on the 360, making that even more complicated (would be fine on the PS3 and PC due to unlimited drive options). MMORPG's are supposed to have a long life span, if FF14 doesn't last 5 years, it will be a waste, especially if you can't build a large fanbase and the vast majority of mmo players are WoW players and you can't really drag them away from it easily. Granted Blizzard has become shite and their latest expansion was a casual joke and complete insult to the Burning Crusade expansion and the original release in terms of content difficulty, now it's a casual players wetdream.
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    WoW has always been a casual players wetdream, that was the original dream of WoW. That's why things that we basically take for granted now, like simple quest logging or quest indicators, was pretty much a integrated part of WoW when it was first released. A lot of "hardcore" players started out as "casual" players when they started WoW.

    The comparison of FFXI to what FFXIV could be, I think isn't really a valid one especially when you think about the changes in gaming between when FFXI was first released to now. When FFXI was first release major mmorpgs was really a niche audience and at the latter end of it's infancy.
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    You speak of Final Fantasy 11 as if it were a failure.

    In fact, it has lasted a little over 7 years and is still going strong (granted it has passed its peak).

    When compared to World of Warcraft's supposed 11 million subscribers a month, of course it is dwarfed. So is every other MMO.

    But Final Fantasy 11 is a great game in its own rite.
    And FF11 has done some things that other MMO's have never done or can't seem to get right.

    For instance, the story telling part of FF11 is immersive and cinematic, with it's panning cameras, cut-scenes for many of the NPC conversations, flashes to other lands during story telling, appropriately chosen music, etc.

    For many others, including World of Warcraft, the storytelling and questing is relegated to a text box. How interesting is that?

    Also, FF11 is a more dedicated game than many others. You really feel like you earn your levels. You really get to feel like the character is a virtual extension of you rather than some video game character.

    Another thing I like(d) about FF11 is the boss fights. Sure, some took a few hours to beat, but man it was exciting. Figuring out strategies (almost every boss needs a different one), nearly losing it all (and often doing so!), finally being able to defeat that boss that so many had tried. Even the traveling to get to the boss is an adventure. And that's something that lacks in many MMO's. Adventure.

    I hope FF11 never dies and it makes me sad to think of it soon passing on, but FF11 is such a great experience, it's unlikely FF14 won't live up to the Final Fantasy name.
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    I agree with pretty much everything Devante said.

    Even though WoW is an overall better game, FFXI had a feeling I got from no other MMO yet. The story was interesting, and the bosses were epic. I have high hopes for XIV.
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    Vanilla WoW and The Burning Crusade were actually meant for the hardcore players though, considering end game content was actually hard, now all the casual kiddies can do end game assuming they are at least semi-competent at the game, it has become extremely casualized since they nerfed the difficulty of everything to do with the end game raiding portion of WoW.

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    Why has no one posted this Q&A from IGN? [​IMG]

    What platforms is Final Fantasy XIV coming to?
    Currently the game is confirmed for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC. An Xbox 360 version isn't official, but Square Enix is considering the possibility that it could.

    What do we know about the setting and the story?
    It takes place on an all-new Final Fantasy world known as "Eorzea." Though it does share some monsters and races from Final Fantasy XI, they're not direct representations and have been altered in multiple ways that make them unique to Eorzea. The similarities in races will allow experienced FFXI players to create a new FFXIV character that looks somewhat comparable.

    Does it have a direct connection to Final Fantasy XI?
    In some ways, yes it does. Not only does it share the same development team as the FF11, but the game will also allow players to create a character that is similar to their current Final Fantasy XI. Square Enix has also revealed to IGN that it is currently finding a solution that will let you transfer your character's names from FFXI to FFXIV.

    On a related note, at the press conference, it was said that FFXI has another year of content planned. Does that mean that after that year is up that FFXI is done with?
    No. To be specific, Square Enix has one year of content currently planned but has told us here at IGN that it isn't a mandated end for the series. If fans continue to support the game, then so will Square Enix.

    What is the combat system like?
    The development team won't say, but it did confirm to us that... Additionally, the heavy team-play aspect of FF11 has been deemphasized, and now exploration and battle is said to be more balanced between solo and team play.

    How does the leveling system work?
    Square Enix is cagey about how characters advance, but it has confirmed with IGN that growth is not based on experience and that it will work on a different system entirely.

    What about jobs?
    Jobs will return in Final Fantasy XIV, but they will be much different than the job system present in FFXI.

    How important are the weapons?
    Weapons are very important and have a heavy influence on your character and how they succeed in the game world. Square Enix says to look closely at the official FFXIV logo for hints and hidden meanings about how the game will work.

    What hidden meanings?
    Square Enix told us that when it approached Amano to do the logo art for FFXIV, that weapons were very important and to think of the concept of a "wheel." Specifically, a wheel of adventurers that has their weapon in front of them and an exposed backside -- which leaves each adventurer to rely heavily on their comrades and their friends. Let the speculation begin.

    Anything else about the weapons?
    The team let slip to us that choosing weapons for specific tasks one day versus another could affect how your character develops.

    How much of the first trailer is in-game versus pre-rendered?
    The debut trailer is actually a mixture of real-time in-game footage and pre-rendered wizardry. The combat scene in particular was created using the in-game engine.

    When is it coming out and when is the beta?
    The game will come out in 2010, and after Final Fantasy XIII which is scheduled for spring of the same year. FFXIV beta plans are still being finalized, but that the plan is to have a longer beta period than that of FFXI (which had a beta of about 3-4 months).

    What languages will the game available in?
    The same as Final Fantasy XI: Japanese, English, French and German. FFXIV will also be released simultaneously in all regions that use those languages.

    Will the PlayOnline service be used for FF14?
    No. Square Enix told us that the reason it is ditching the PlayOnline system is because it was originally meant as an all-in-one solution to house multiple content types. But as PlayOnline has offered less content over the years, the need for the next online Final Fantasy to us PO is moot. Whatever new service (if any) is used, PC and PlayStation 3 users will still be able to play with each other on the same servers, and Square Enix also confirmed with IGN that you can sign in with a universal ID on either system to pick up where you left off if you own both.

    Who's Working on the Game?
    It is produced by Hiromichi Tanaka (Final Fantasy I, II, III, and IX) and directed by Nobuaki Komoto (Final Fantasy IX, XI), with art direction by Akihiko Yoshida (Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy XII) and a musical score from Nobuo Uematsu (Most Final Fantasies ever). Yoshitaka Amano has designed the logo and is pulling additional art duties as well.

    Uematsu only did a few tracks in FFXI, how much is he doing for XIV?
    Square Enix revealed to IGN that Uematsu will be doing all the music for Final Fantasy XIV and that it will be composed in a range of different styles and genres.

    What modern day MMOs have influenced the design and direction of FFXIV?
    In addition to the team's original work on Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan and Warhammer Online have been three recent games that have had some pull, but the FFXI community's feedback has been the most important factor in its design.

    Are Chocobos back?
    Yes, they will return. But Square Enix has told IGN that it is looking at using them in a completely different way than they were used in Final Fantasy XI (where they were used as riding steeds).