Hacking FFVII Save Hacking questions (Black Chocobo)


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Oct 6, 2007
I'm running CFW 6.60 PRO-B10 on my PSP3000. I do not own a PS3 to aid me in my hacking.

Before I do anything, of course I'm going to back up all of my data.

Just downloaded Black Chocobo (mac version) - and I understand I'm going to have to use the workaround to get everything working. http://sourceforge.net/p/blackchocobo/wiki/FAQ/

If I've got an issue with that, I'll let you know. I do have other questions though, which I would like answers.

1) My default party is Cloud, Vincent, and Tifa. If I was to replace Cait Sith with Aeris on the PHS, would I encounter any problems of crashing on Disk 3? I would have her all set up to fight Sephiroth, but she would be left out of my main party. (I love Cloud, Vincent and Tifa the way they are...)

It's been awhile since I've played to the ending and I'm not sure if she would try to speak at certain points and crash the game because of no dialogue being there. *Please try to avoid telling me dialogue spoilers of future events, a simple yes or no would suffice* ^_^

Also, would this cause issues if I try to talk to Cait Sith on the Highwind? Or would he simply just not be there?

2) I'm unclear on the Chocobo Stables - the Black Chocobo program does not use the stable in the Highwind, am I correct? Is it only the stables at the Chocobo Farm?

3) What are the maxed stats on a female, gold chocobo? I want to have a quick Chocobo to just run around with, and maybe try my n00b hand at the races :P

If I have any more questions, I will ask those too later :) One seems to have escaped me. Thanks!

Onward to finishing Disk 2 :D
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