Few Simple DLC Questions

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Kenneth196, May 7, 2015.

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    I know these questions are probably scattered around, but didn't have much luck with the search box. Meh.

    1) With any dlc/update .cia, I know you simply install it like any other .dlc. Is it safe to delete that .dlc from the SD card afterwards (not via the cia manager but the actual .cia file)?

    2) This question is more specific - I have Smash 3DS (not sure which version), and I will be installing both the 1.0.7 update, and the DLC pack that contains MewTwo and a couple of other goodies. Should I do those in any particular order?

    3) This doesn't apply to me, but if you have a game in .3ds format and it has an update, is it still applied via a .cia?
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    1) As long as you not enter to the eshop, the DLC will stay and not get deleted so you can delete the cia after used if you no gonna enter to eshop. The update stay installed enter or not to eshop
    2) I have no idea with that game
    3) The update are always applied via a .cia dude
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  3. MattKimura

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    1. Keep the DLC on your SD card, in case you accidentally go into a DLC shop in a game (Which is the same as entering Eshop). They don't take up too much space, unless you use something like a 4 GB SD.

    2. Install the update (The update actually HAS mewtwo in it, which is why it's so large to download) then install the mewtwo DLC. It doesn't matter what order you do it, I installed the DLC first and the game didn't want to load my save file so I continued without saving. But once I got the update, it was working okay.

    3. If you install a game udpate, it installs to your 3DS. And it's for both the .3ds and .cia versions of the games. It doesn't have to be a certain format, as long as it's the game.
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