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    # PCSE00536

    _V0 No Reload/inf Ammo
    $3201 81698C3C 00000474
    $3300 00000000 00000018
    _V0 Op Dash 1 [Press.R]
    $C203 00000001 00000200
    $3201 81698C3C 00000548
    $3300 00000000 00000665
    _V0 OP Dash 2 [Press.R]
    $C203 00000001 00000200
    $3201 81698C3C 00000549
    $3300 00000000 8A000006
    _V0 Improved Luck Dash [Press.R]
    $C203 00000001 00000200
    $3201 81698C3C 00000100
    $3300 00000000 8A000001

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    i did some more Ram Searching these are the updated codes you can use
    but make sure you pass the tutorial levels first.

    _V0 inf Rocks/Gold
    $0200 820114E4 000F423F
    _V0 Skill Tree Points/character skill points
    $0200 820114E8 03E7270F
    _V0 Critical Shot/Enemies Always Miss
    $0200 82011478 4FFF4FFF

    If you want to use the dash code make sure you activate both of them, note these codes are for Haul Keeling [Bird].
    i created these codes with Vita Cheat ver 365 z05 Beta. Copy and Paste it in a text Document and save it as "PCSE00536.psv" you must change the Save as type to all
    to covert it into a psv file then drag and drop it into the db folder in your vitacheat folder.
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