Fake GBA Pokemon Games

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    I find these quite interesting, I just recently got them from someone who tried to scam me. Great guy, you'd all like him.

    So I tried to "Restore" a hacked save to it (Pokemon Sapphire) using GBA Backup Tool. I dumped the save, and tried replacing the save with another. Yet strangely, it loaded the same save. It had me puzzled, so I looked into it and found that the save file is written to the rom it's self. I can confirm this because when loading the dumped rom in VBA, it loads my save file regardless of there being a .sav anywhere.

    Does anyone else here happen to know of a way to overwrite the ROM or save?
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    Ahh... let's see how correct I can get my terms while fairly inebriated.

    It's possible that GBA Backup Tool can't properly handle reading from/writing to the SRAM that the fake cart likely saves to, rather than the solid state flash that the saves normally would write to on a legitimate cart.

    Also, if memory serves, Gen 3 pokemon games save to two separate spots in the save memory as a failsafe if your primary save becomes corrupted. It may be that the primary/secondary save was written but not the other.

    I've never dealt with a Gen 3 cart, counterfeit or otherwise, so I may not be correct, but I think these points might be a good starting ground.