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    Oct 7, 2011
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    Just wondering how exactly to use NORflash. Online guides didn't help. I wanted to play Mother 3, but it said PSRAM is not enough, so I pressed select, and wrote it to NOR.
    Now I have two files, one at the root that appeared when I wrote it to NOR, and the original in my GBA folder. So, I tried a few things.
    I tried booting up the original .gba file, and got the same PSRAM is not enough message.
    Then I tried booting the .gba file that appeared when I used NOR flash, and it sent me to the GBA startup screen, and nothing happened.
    Then I pressed start while highlighting the .gba file that appeared when I used NOR, and it asked if I wanted to format. I pressed A, the file disappeared, and I went to the original .gba file, tried booting it, and got the same PSRAM is not enough error.
    What am I doing wrong here?
  2. Ammako

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Use GBATA and fix the rom header.
    Alternatively, it may not have patched correctly.
  3. xyanide1986

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    Mar 1, 2011
    Yes your problem isn't really using the NOR. It was copied there properly so you should be able to play it if you just highlight it and hit A like any other game. If you write something to the NOR memory it will only boot it from there if you select it there. Browsing the SD card again and booting something will cause it to load into PSram without the speedy boot advantage of NOR.
    p.s. Besides games that are too large for the PSram to handle you can also put a few favourites on the NOR for a quick bootup.