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Aug 7, 2008
So I have zero Wii hacking experience, but I can work a hex editor and command line crap just fine, so I've managed to decrypt the WiiWare game Maboshi's Arcade, which left me with a bunch of .apps and a few other things (.cert, .tik, .tmd, .trailer). What I'm looking for is the downloadable DS demo included in the game (I don't have a Wii at all, so I can't download it the "proper" way, and anyway I'd rather a ROM I can boot when I want), and was hoping somebody here might have some tips. .srl seems to be the "official" extension for NDS code, so I tried a simple ASCII search for that, and came up with several references to a "LZ77_mbs_dsEU.srl", which is kind of confusing, since it wouldn't really be an .srl any more if it's LZ compressed, but anyway, I was wondering if anybody could tip me off on where I'd locate that file.

EDIT: OK, I've been doing some more looking in hex, and it looks like 00000002.app is some kind of archive containing a number of files, at least according to some ASCII near the beginning of the file:

Looks like a file list to me, anyway, and almost immediately after the list is some ASCII that looks a lot like it might be home.csv:

S.i.m.u.l.t.a.n.e.o.u.s.l.y. .p.r.e.s.s. $`. .a.n.d. $a.....o.n. .e.a.c.h. .W.i.i. .R.e.m.o.t.e. .i.n. .t.h.e.....d.e.s.i.r.e.d. .p.l.a.y.e.r. .o.r.d.e.r...
So I suspect that LZ77_mbs_dsEU.srl is located somewhere in here, but I don't see anything about offsets, so I have no idea where I should start when looking for it (and looking through the entire 7MB file in hex wouldn't help me much since I don't really have any idea what I'm looking for). Is there a particular signature shared by LZ77 compressed archives that I might try searching for, or does anybody have any other ideas? I'd appreciate any input you guys might have.

EDIT2: Got a little further by using U8tool to extract 00000002.app, I managed to find LZ77_mbs_dsEU.srl, but the file doesn't appear to be a valid NDS ROM, although I can see its serial (the generic NTRJ, which seems to be used on all demos); I tried extracting it but couldn't find any appropriate tools; using GBADecmp was unsuccessful and I haven't managed to find LZ77ex yet. Right now I'm going to bed, so fingers crossed someone will drop by to help while I sleep. Night.

EDIT3: Just an update really, I eventually located LZ77ex and was able to extract the file into a working DS binary; it ran just fine on my EZ-Flash V just now, so good times. Thanks to anybody who uh, considered helping.

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