Extracting/ dumping the script text from Japanese games

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    Hi. First of all, I'd like to point out that I have few next to none knowledge about rom hacking, and maybe what I'm asking for won't call for extensive knowledge, since I'm already getting desired results with my present capacity. I'd just like to expand a bit on it.

    What I basically want to do is hooking the text from games as explained here: http://heartnokuni.livejournal.com/70323.html just that I'm not limited to visual novels nor PSP.
    In fact, I've tried a couple of PSX games on PSXfin with this method and have managed to do the 'hooking', the difference is that I've used HxD hex editor, which seems to work better than Cheat Engine since it finds the hex values much easier and faster.

    For me this will be just a help for playing games in Japanese, I have my knowledge of the language, but since reading is tiring I prefer using tools like Translator Aggregator to make it easier.

    Now I want to know the methods for finding the text of games. And my questions would be:

    *Apart from hex, are games' text encoded with another format? Which ones and what do I need to know about them?

    *I think I've heard some games are encoded in special ways that make hard to find the text, in those cases, what to do? I presume having the hex values of the text won't be enough?

    *How can I extract the text from GBA, SNES and NDS games? Do they use hex?
    I noticed that Visual Boy Advance has a Memory Viewer function, can I benefit from that to extract the text of the game?

    *Would making a table be of any use when using the memory viewer in a game?

    *And lastly, aren't there resources for learning how to extract the text of other systems?

    Thanks, and please bear with me :P