Exception DSI occurred

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    Exception DSI occurred need help or advice.
    Background I have just modded a virgin console on 4.2U following the Complete Softmodding Guide using all Online sections.
    Sections preformed
    A. The Basics (bannerbomb, HBC & Bootmii) using HackMii Installer v0.6 and bannerbomb abd6a_v200.zip. I installed HBC, DVDx, and Bootmii as IOS
    B. Made NAND backup saving off Nand.bin and keys.bin
    C. Restoring the Trucha Bug (4.2) using Trucha Bug Restorer 1.1, Dop-IOS MOD v9, and Any Title Deleater MOD v6b. I downgraded IOS15, Install patched IOS36 with all 3 options set to yes, restored IOS15, uninstalled IOS 222, 223, 249, & 250. I then moved over to install Waninkokos cIOS then came back and patched IOS70 using cIOS36 and yes for every option.
    D. Waninkokos cIOS (249 and 250) preformed in step B above used cIOS38r14 installer using IOS36.
    E. Hermes cIOS (202, 222 and 223) used Hermes cIOS 222 rev4 installer using IOS249 selected cIOS222 choosing 38 merged 37, then again using IOS249 selecting cIOS223 choosing 38, and again using IOS249 selecting cIOS202 choosing 38 merged 60.
    F. Installed Homebrew Browser
    When I browsed through the games I got the exception DSI occurred had to remove power to wii, then I download and installed Super Mario War Wii Port of Super Mario War from browser, played the a while and got it again having to removed power to wii in order to reset. I did get a black screen during the modding, but was not in the middle of any process can’t remember what step I completed I think end of A. The system menu was being displayed I pressed the wii reset and it came back to the system menu other than that the response and expected results were per the guide. What is the cause and course of action please help?
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    so whats going on?

    homebrew browser and super mario war are crashing on you?