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    I'm new to this forum, and new to wii homebrew and hacking in general. I'm sorry for the long story I'm about to tell, but hopefully it will provide some context. A friend of mine helped me get a pretty sweet setup on my wii, and then the other day I pretty much ruined it, and now I am living far away from him so I have to fix it on my own.

    I had set up HBC and I was running USB Loader GX, SNES9xgx, FCE Ultra GX, and DIOSMIOS from an external 500 GB HD. I have a white wii running version 4.3u. I had all my wii games running from an NTFS partition on my HD, and the Gamecube games running from a FAT partition on the same HD. Everything was working beautifully. The other day I was playing Super Metroid (I believe the roms for that may have also been on the FAT partition). Normally, I just save all my games in-game, and I don't remember exactly what happened, but I went to exit Super Metroid, and I pressed the home button, which brought me to a SNES9xgx menu of some sort. I think I then pressed the home button a second time, but I'm not sure. At that point I may have been prompted to save, or it may have started to save on its own. Anyway, it saved. Immediately after that, I got an error message, saying something to the effect of there not being any files. I exited to the wii menu and from that point on nothing has worked. There are no apps whatsoever displayed on HBC. Anytime I try to load USBLoader, SNES9xgx, or FCE Ultra GX, it takes me to the screen where I can select start. After selecting start, the wii loading screen appears and I'm taken back to the wii menu.

    I connected the HD to my pc, and looked at the two partitions. The NTFS partition appears fine - all my wii games appear to be intact. The FAT partition, on the other hand, had a problem. There were only two files, and they were basically gibberish. I tried using recuva, and that program found about 1250 files, but only about 350 of them were recoverable. I tried to recover them, but when recovered, they were only more of the same gibberish. Then, upon attempting to format the FAT partition to start over, I noticed that it looked like the FAT partition was now NTFS. It was like SNES 9xgx assumed the partition was NTFS and saved over the partition in that format.

    Anyway, I formatted the FAT partition, and it is now an exFAT partition (it wouldn't let me choose FAT). I loaded USBLoaderGX, SNES9xGx, and FCE Ultra GX onto the partition and tried to run it on HBC. I got an error that said "Exception (DSI) occurred". Tried it a few times but it didn't work. Any tips to getting it to work? If not, I was thinking I would use this guide to try to get USBLoader going again.


    Any other thoughts on how to get USBLoader working, or on using the above guide?

    Thank you in advance!

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