Even more Guitar Hero tracks announced

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    Last week Activision announced that Rush's 20-minute, seven-part rock suite "2112" would grace Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and today, the publisher followed up with 22 additional tracks that will appear in the game.

    A soundtrack fit for a warrior.

    The list is varied and rooted in multiple eras of rock. Today's new tunes range from The Edgar Winter Group's 1973 classic "Free Ride," to "Hard to See" off Five Finger Death Punch's 2009 War Is the Answer album.

    Songs announced July 26 are:

    Alice Cooper--"No More Mr. Nice Guy"
    Alter Bridge--"Ties That Bind"
    Bad Brains--"Re-Ignition"
    Blue Oyster Cult--"Burnin' for You"
    Deep Purple--"Burn" (Remastered LP version)
    The Edgar Winter Group--"Free Ride"
    Five Finger Death Punch--"Hard to See"
    George Thorogood and the Destroyers--"Move It on Over (Live)"
    Lynyrd Skynyrd--"Call Me the Breeze (Live)"
    Panter--"I'm Broken"
    Poison--"Unskinny Bop"
    Rise Against--"Savior"
    The Runaways--"Cherry Bomb"
    Steve Vai--"Speed"
    Strung Out--"Calling"
    Sum 41--"Motivation"
    Them Crooked Vultures--"Scumbag Blues"
    The White Stripes--"Seven Nation Army"

    In addition to the game's more than 90 tracks, gamers can download some 500 songs from the Guitar Hero Music Library. Of note, Warriors of Rock features an original track from Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, titled "Sudden Death" and the recently reformed Soundgarden, who will release "Black Rain" exclusively in the game.

    Additionally, classic rockers Black Sabbath, Queen, Def Leppard, The Rolling Stones, and ZZ Top will have their songs featured in the game.

    Looks awesome, I think I might actually buy it for my 360 because the set list is good.
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    I loved the GH:WT setlist, this looks even better. Them Crooked Vultures, White Stripes, Deep Purple and even Rush's 2112 and a Megadeth song exclusively for this game... Awesome tracklist is awesome.

    Though I still think RB3 will win in terms of gameplay, and RB does have some awesome tracks including Bohemian Rhapsody and they do have similar artists like TCV and White Stripes.

    Maybe I'll get both.
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    my face when they are all out of good songs...
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    Dave Mustain.Dude he used 2 be in Metallica.Totally getton.this
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    lol this is new here. but i knew about this on the 26th =P

    Facebook tis useful

    Really good list!

    also.. I believe only 46 tracks are revealed? o.o theres still about 50more yet to be seen! =]
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    Rush has been the only thing I've heard that's good so far. Having nothing but rock music and metal music is getting really old. It's one of the reasons I prefer Rock Band so much more.

    The whole game has just looked like the same old Guitar Hero, now with a Brutal Legend skin minus Jack Black and all the humor.

    I'll wait for Rock Band 3 to blow this out of the water.
  7. injected11

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    Yep. No interest in this at all. I've resigned myself to the fact that Activision will never release a game as awesome as my GH2: Dethklok custom disc (with Acra's charts) as my interest in the genre dwindles away.

    Bring on RB3.
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    waidmanns heil is going to be on the new guitar hero and my chemical romance, im not ok. those are the only two songs i look forward to. oh and pantera's broken, so make it 3 out of about 90.

    im not saying the others are bad, just nothing to rock out to.

    edit: shit i forgot NIN is going to be there, Wish so make it four
  9. D34DL1N3R

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    No Katatonia, Nevermore, Isis, or Swallow the Sun = FAIL
  10. Theraima

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    Jan 4, 2009
    So far only CoB and Muse's songs are good from what I've seen.. So far, even GH5 is better..
  11. DSGamer64

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    Too bad they used one of the worst Muse songs from the worst Muse album ever. Seriously Stockholm Syndrome, Muscle Museum or Plug In Baby or GTFO!
  12. nando

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    i only know a few of those songs and from those few that i know, i only listen to white stripes. but i might enjoy some of the ones i haven't heard before and i rather play something i haven't heard before that i may or may not like than something i know i definitely hate. like that "kids in america" song in RB2. my blood pressure still rises when i think about it.
  13. Scott-105

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    This has some pretty good songs in it .