Etrian Odyssey - bug?

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Hi all.

    I can't seem to be complete the "Map the Newfound Stratum" mission (where you're supposed to map B11F and B12F). Well, every milimeter of those two are mapped in detail (with the exception of the 1-6E/F parts, which require a crystal seal key (which become available later in the game, according to the FAQs I checked). Also crosschecking my own maps with the ones available at GameFAQS, and they are identical. The Royal ant boss is killed, also, afterwhich I was told the area was sufficiently mapped and that I should report back to the Radha Hall. But it's not possible to report the mission as completed at the Radha Hall, and going down to B13F is useless, as I hardly get to start walking there before I am turned around and told to report back to Radha Hall. So, I'm stuck, and in total despair.

    Has anyone had this happen to them? Any ideas as how to fix it?

    I'd hate to start all over again now that I've come so (relatively) far just because of some random bug.

    I'm using a retail aussie cart, if that makes any difference.