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    I've been out of the loop since maybe 2012/2013 when my prior Lite died and I sold it for parts. With the system being dead at retail and accessories going off the aftermarket I want to try and get caught up on potentially useful things for the system I may be overlooking, and catalog things that are still out there. At the very least, these can still be purchased-

    1) Psyclone travel/starter kit, $20 average on eBay

    This is a multi-accessory set with the main draw being a hard aluminum storage case, similar to the Intel case but still available new at a low price. It had a space for the console itself and a few other compartments, plus a small mesh bag and a fold-down flap with a larger mesh bag in the top lid. It comes packed with a USB charger cable, 12v/cigarette lighter charger with USB port, docking charger, 2 screen protectors, stylus, game case(holds 2 DS cards + 2 GBA carts) and cheap retractable earbuds. Obviously not everything will be useful but it includes enough to more than warrant the $20 cost especially if you don't have those parts on hand. I do wish it were a bit bigger though, the Guitar Hero controller is a bit too big to fit inside when closed, but it's still the best case I think I've come across. However it will only fit the DS Lite console, the dedicated space is sized specifically for it, meaning that you can't even leave something like a slim protector/case on the system.

    2) Rumble Pak, average $7-10 for an official cart on eBay

    Questionably essential, due to how few games actually use it, but they go fairly cheap because they became obsolete thanks to the DSi dumping the GBA port. Being so cheap they're probably worth getting just for the few games that did use it. Bear in mind these are official Nintendo carts that are GBA sized. I know companies like eWin made Lite-specific rumble carts but the supply seems to have all but dried up over the years on those, as has the EZ-Flash 3in1 which had it as part of the package. But unless you plan to leave the rumble pak in the system all the time, then the official pak is fine.

    3) Guitar Hero controller, average $5 or less on eBay

    If you actually bought a GH game you won't need to buy this because they came packed with it, but if you're using a flash card you will need to hunt one down on its own. Thankfully the games weren't super popular, and since players who bought all 3 games ended up with multiples, there are plenty of excess on the market. This requires the GBA slot to function, so like the rumble pak it also lost appeal because of the DSi. There are unofficial controllers out there, but seeing as the official controllers can be had for super cheap(I got one that was unused with the extra stickers and such for $4 shipped), avoid the clones. The official controller also includes a swappable pin adapter for the DS phat model in case you are still somehow using that version.

    4) DS multi-game cases, price and capacity vary

    Nothing special with these, but unless you only use one flash card, then something that holds 8-16 game carts can be had for $2 or under. Useful if you want to keep a few games in one spot, or just keep them from rattling loose in a carry case.
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