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    Alright guys, ive been trying to update to sighax since its been released, i'm following the guide and previously had a9lh, every time i try to run the safeb9sinstaller i get a exception occurred : data abort, i have tried multiple sd cards formatted and tried again even got a new sd card, i've formatted the 3ds and tried that nothing works for me, help would be appreciated.

    Just to clear things up
    • All the files are in the right place and i have re-downloaded them multiple times
    • I have tried multiple sd cards and new sd cards
    • My a9lh installation still works perfectly
    • I have nothing else on my sd cards except what is required to update
    Update: i tried to format my sd card using godmode9 but when i went to launch the godmode9.bin file i also got a exception occurred: data abort, What could be causing this?

    SOLVED: renamed SafeB9SInstaller to arm9loaderhax_si.bin and placed it on root of sdcard finally it launched successfully

    Credits: d0k3
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