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    Sep 3, 2017
    this is just a thread that collects error codes when you try to peform a action on the switch and/or homebrews; access online on switch's servers - IF ANYONE HAVE A DIFFERENT ERROR CODE, please report it here, thanks!

    ("xxxx" stands for every number from 0 to 9; changes on different system language's)

    • 2807-280x = Failed to load video (CAUSE: Probably SUPERBAN - on "News page" - unknown CFW)

    • 2807-1028 = Unable to display page (CAUSE: Probably SUPERBAN - unknown CFW)

    • 2811-5001 = An error has occurred (CAUSE: Probably SUPERBAN - on "eShop page" - unknown CFW)

    • 2168-0002 = An error has occurred (CAUSE: Userland ARM data abort. Also caused by abnormal process termination via svcExitProcess - instant "black screen of death" crash report - tomGER CFW)
    If you think there's a error on what i have written, please DM me, thanks!
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