Error 80010017

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    I'm trying to get BLES01239 - LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean on my PS3. I know it is a 3.60 game, but the error I'm getting seems to be related to a Blu-Ray Player issue from what I found on Google.

    This on a Slim with Kmeaw CFW 3.55 and multiMan 2.0.3

    The game is on my 500 GB external drive, I fixed permissions and I tried downloading the update from multiMan, because the PS3 Backup Compatibility List and the multiMAN Beginner Guide both say "This is a game encrypted with the 3.60 key, the first EUROPEAN update is based on the 3.5x key." but multiMan says it cannot find an update for this game.

    When I first tried running it I got a message that said it was 3.60 FW and asked if I wanted to let multiMan modify the PARAM.SFO so I let it.
    Then when I tried to run it again I got the Error 80010017.

    I have nothing ticked in the game settings.

    Anyone have an idea why multiMan is not finding an update for it or why I'm getting this error message.