Hardware Entire Switch System Lags and Freezes


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Aug 21, 2021
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So I just ordered an unpartched Switch from eBay. Two of them actually. One works great, the other is barely functional. In fact, I wouldn't call it functional because the entire system just lags, freezes, stutters, and constantly crashes. ALL while on stock. No CFW even booted. Games run at a disturbing 5 to 10 frames per second at most. They also take forever to launch, and closing the game causes the system hang which makes the game crash during the closing process. It's horrible. I have reset cache, keyboard, and initialized multiple times. Nothing fixes it.

Please, tell me this is a known issue and somehow repairable. I have contacted the seller on eBay and they have a 30 day return policy so I'm hoping worst case scenario is I get my money back for one unit. What I would rather do though is hope they will simply swap it out, they have plenty more from their listing. But if that doesn't happen and I get screwed, is there anyone on here with reasonable pricing (I live with my dad still...) that could potentially take a crack at fixing this thing?

EDIT: I ran a benchmark on the eMMC memory using Hekate. Everything appears stable. IOPS ranging between 3500 - 6500. Definitely not a memory issue. Also I have tried with and without a memory card. My only theory now is maybe doing an emunand on a fast SD card...

EDIT 2: Okay I initialized again and now it's just completely borked. The keyboard refuses to load and I get stuck at configuring the network. It literally will just pop up a blank empty table with no keys. It's crazy!
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