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    Many games that can't be emulated on the DS contain special hardware that the DS cannot emulate... but why is that? Is it because of the power of the DS's processors, or because of the amount of memory available?

    Basically what I'm getting to is could it be theoretically possible to rewrite the current emulators to utilize slot-2 memory devices in order to software emulate the special hardware on certain games and make them compatible?
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    how are you going to re-write the processor power?

    Its not going to happen!

    the current emulators that are available and do work on ds may get a little better over time using slot 2 ram (SNEmulDS does and so does NeoDs) but its common knowledge that its just using the RAM to buffer graphics to get a little tiny bit of speed boost ...

    But ... You will NEVER be able to emulate the FX chip hardware of the SNES carts (they were extra chips in the actual card btw not in the console)

    neither will you be able to Emulate N64 or any of the other MORE POWERFUL console systems EVER!

    there's lots of posts on this on this forum explaining the situation MANY MANY times its just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    If you want better emulators USE a PC or an OLD STYLE modded original XBOX to emulate on ... or a PSP with hacked firmware MINIMUM!
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    I assume you're talking about SNEmulDS, which cannot emulate games with extra coprocessors. Adding extra RAM is not going to help much. It's the CPU power that's the problem, along with the difficulty in emulating the coprocessors in the first place.

    It's silly to think that with slot-2 RAM anything and everything suddenly becomes possible.