Emulate decrypted ipa files on PC

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    Hello, I hope I'm not infringing on some unspoken rule here, or posting a "noob" question that has been already answered. If so, I'm extremely sorry and I'd wish mods would lock this thread.
    Anyways, here's my problem:

    I've managed to decrypt some of the apps I purchased a little while ago from the AppStore using a certain something on the iPhone (I won't name it since it seems against the rules in PS3 and PSP threads).
    So I have ipa files.
    I have noticed a lot of these files can be opened as regular zip files on the PC, with stuff like text and graphics perfectly accessible. I'm seriously looking into experimenting with translating J.J. Rocket and some of the Japanese-exclusive stuff as a start.

    I'm interested in, say, "emulating" these apps (much like games are emulated from other consoles on PC), on a Windows environment. Hopefully heard however that iPhone simulators exist, but I haven't seen more than a browser-based one, much less one that can run modified commercially released apps on Windows.

    Is that a thing already? I'd be extremely grateful if anyone could give me a tip, a keyword or anything like that.
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    First of all you need xCode to run any iOS app written by you, if you are trying to translate a game at least try to contact the developers who made it, because without the sourcecode there is no way you could do it.