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I hacked my other 3ds, and dumped the eShop to .cia, but now it has no icon and it crashes my 2ds! What do i do?

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You're not supposed to dump standard built CIAs for system titles and install them because they lose their legit tickets and aren't encrypted.
So, do i dump legit?

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The operating system seems to "self heal" like with TWL_FIRM in the guide.

Deleted eShop "Title+Ticket" in FBI→ system update→ eShop fine
I didn't find the eShop in FBI.
Jan 1, 2018
United States
So, do i dump legit?
If your 2DS still boots to HOME Menu, you're better off following KleinesSinchen's advice in deleting both the eShop title and ticket through FBI followed by system update to reinstall a clean copy.
  1. FBI → Titles → Nintendo eShop → Delete Title And Ticket
    • For EUR region eShop, a bad installation might be listed as 0004001000022900.
    • :!: Be careful not to delete anything else.
2. FBI → Tickets 0004001000022900 Delete Ticket.
  • If you used Delete Title in step 1 or could not find Nintendo eShop or 0004001000022900 in Titles.
  • You need to delete the ticket because the Nintendo CDN server doesn't allow you to fix system titles if you present fake/spoofed tickets.
3. System Settings → Other Settings → System Update.
  • This should redownload a (clean) copy of eShop.

Take it from someone who messes with NAND stuff a lot: quit whatever experiments you're doing to the 3DS firmware while you're still ahead of yourself.

While 3DS hacking and custom firmware has come a long way in fixing all sorts of software issues, some things are better left alone because short of having a backed up (full) NAND image, there are certain super softbricks that are not fixable.

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I dumped a legit cia of the eShop from my 3ds and installed it on my main 2ds and it worked, so, emergency diffused.

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