Elite controller stick drift

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    Jul 20, 2017
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    So this is actually the second time on an elite controller i experienced stick drift, and the first time i attempted repairs. Swapped the thumbstick with two brand new parts and each one drifted in one direction or the other. The way I solved it the first time? I bought a new controller. This time around i would love to repair the issue. It is the right thumstick and it drifted upwards. I removed the stick and resoldered a new one, but this one is drifting as well, only to the right, and much less severe. I have one more "new" stick i can use but i have a feeling i wont have luck. My questions is what is going on? Is the stick actually not bad and i need to be replacing a resistor? OR is there a way to reset the potentiometer? Any and all help is welcome and appreciated.
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    Aug 17, 2015
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    have you tried not moving the joysticks when you turn on the xbox?
    i thought my joysticks on my wii classic controller were broken for months, but it turned it it was just that i wiggled the joysticks when i waited for the wii to load up.
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    For some reason this happens to me with the Wii U Pro Controller when I start up Smash Bros.