Educational game where you design your own CPU?

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    I've not heard of many examples of that outside of Minecraft and its derivatives.
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    xkcd because why not

    If you just want to go a step beyond a few logic gates and adding machines, which any old electronics CAD/simulation program can probably pull off, then you could download a FPGA simulator. Likewise there are fully decapped chip specs out there in the world, relevant as of that

    Many people find emulating a chip8 a useful thing . it is not necessarily a game but the end result will allow you to play several games as a result of working through the logic of a chip.

    Likewise a learning exercise for many programmers starting on assembly is the so called y86 (a very simplified version of an older x86 chip)

    Any truly modern stuff is probably handled by modules being designed, and probably a lot of help from evolutionary computation if various talks I have seen are anything to go by.

    Another approach you may enjoy is building a disassembler for an unknown machine