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    Jan 2, 2011
    I want to sell a couple of items on Ebay, but beyond listing an item, I'm not sure how to go about selling in such a way that I profit to the maximum extent.

    I don't need obvious stuff like not sending the item before receiving payment, and making sure the entire payment is up front via PayPal, in case that's what you may have been thinking. Basically, anything that isn't common sense to anybody that has any.
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    You can search for the product you're going to sell and based on the prices you could guess a value, also counting the condition and all that stuff.
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    You need to make your item stand out from the others. Pricing is an obvious way of doing so but others include:

    - Adding extra items for "free" (an example would be a card reader for a sd card you may be selling - I've purchased a few off ebay itself for less than 10 cents), just make it relevant to the actual product you're selling.

    - Making your listing as descriptive as possible and providing plenty of actual images of the product will also improve the buyer's confidence in your product.

    - Having a good (preferably better) feedback rating than your competitors.

    - Only list your items during times where your target audience are most likely to be active (when that is is for you to determine, the majority of bids on an auction occur within the last few hours of a sale).

    - List your item when ebay allow free listings (it's like a special offer)

    - Get someone else to list the item on your behalf. Many companies do the listing and transferral of your product on your behalf for a small fee. It is often the case that the product will sell for more money (e.g. they know how to describe the item/ have a huge feedback rating) but of course it isn't really worth it if the value of your items aren't high.

    There's more but your question is pretty much one that all ebayers ask, so it isn't going to be easy to achieve regardless.
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    Jul 14, 2008
    Do a completed items search before listing to get an idea of what the items usually sell at. Don't look at the top prices as they're mostly flukes, generate an average. You won't list at this price it's just what you expect to get.

    Always include a good picture and a great description - make sure you add something like "If you have any questions just ask and i'll be happy to answer"

    Describe the condition EXACTLY if it's in perfect condition (so disc surface unmarked, manual never even opened, box undamaged etc...). This sort of thing appeals to people but must be accurate and will lead to issues if you lie.

    Don't omit anything that people *might* be unhappy about. I get really annoyed when i buy something and it's missing a bit or is more knackered than i expected.

    List on a Thursday at around 8 to 9PM for 10 days (so it'll end Sunday evening).

    Be fair with the postage. If you try to make any cash people will avoid you. State you're using recycled jiffy bags in your listing if you are....this won't really impact upon your shipping fee but people won't be surprised when a resealed package turns up.

    List a few things at once (as in multiple auctions). A new seller selling one thing may turn people off.