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Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by kristianity77, Mar 10, 2013.

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    Hey all

    Just a quick question for those in the know as this hasnt happened to me before and I've been using ebay for years.

    Basically, I was outbid on an Xbox 360 game I was after, about 6 hours ago. It took the price higher than what I wanted to pay so what I did about an hour ago, is bid on the same game, from a different seller (and am currently the highest bidder).

    Now the thing is, for whatever reason, the person who bid on the first game I wanted, has either retracted his bid, or the seller has removed his offer. This has now left me winning the same game twice.

    This may or may not be an issue by the time the games end but where do I stand on this? I dont want to retract a bid as I know that goes as some kind of black mark but Im not sure what the best solution to this is or if its ever happened to anyone else?
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    something kind of similar happened to me. I once lost a item, by being outbid. later I received a second chance message from the seller, in which I got a option to accept or decline.
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    you can only retract your bid before the last 12hrs of the auction. if it is past that, or you already won it, then just contact the seller. they have the power to not accept your sale. the problem is, bidding and winning is a binding contact. so if they aren't understanding they can demand that you pay and if you don't pay file a non-paying bidder strike against you.

    -another world
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