Easy fix to switch not charging [Last resort]

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    Sep 18, 2013
    Alright so your switch battery won't charge at all?

    My story:
    Somehow my battery cell is discharged all the way to 2.3v, now it's probably left some damage on my cell; anyways I can't get it past 2.7v it just about gets there then drops to 2.63v.

    A little info on switch cells: A Li-Ion cell which the switch uses normally stays between 3.2v-4.2, 3.2v being 0% and 4.2v being 100%; don't quote me on this as I haven't checked to be 100% sure but this is the general stuff, anyways the nominal voltage is 3.7v for a Li-Ion, dropping below 3v is already slightly dangerous let alone dropping to 2.3v where the switch won't even turn on or show a charging icon.

    What you'll need for this fix:
    • Some fine tweezers(To lift out the battery pins from the connector).
    • (Optional) A Multimeter to read along the way.
    • A external cell charger, the ones they use for RC Quad copter cells(Ensure it supports Li-Ion charging)
    The fix, the part you've been reading for:

    Step 1:

    Open up your switch, you'll have 4 tri wings on the rear, 1 philip(plus head) under the micro sd, 1 plus screw at the top, 2 at the bottom near the charger port, 2 center ones on the joycon rails; remove the back and then unscrew the plus heads after removing the micro sd reader and then remove the metal backplate.

    Step 2:

    Disconnect the battery connector from the board and then use the fine tweezers to slightly lift the plastic tabs on it to remove one negative and one positive pin.

    Step 3:


    Connect eveything up like shown and let it charge

    • Please only start charging your cell with 0.1A if below 2.8v.
    • If above 2.8v then charge at 0.5A
    • Once at 3.7v you MAY charge at 1A but it is safer to charge with 0.5A till 4.2V full is reached!
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