E3 flasher package content video review

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    Here is E3flasher package content video review released by guy named Erick from Qj forum. Here is a quotre from there


    Ok, i have received a E3 flasher from digitopz . From today, i will do some reviews about it,then post it in QJ forum. This post is about the E3 flasher package, limited version. i will try to give as more info as i can. i took some photos and also made a video. hope it works for you. let's get it started.

    At first, let's take a look at the package which i received. It's the standard E3flasher limited version package which contains 11 items inside, it is a beautiful big box with 3 small boxes inside. Size: 24.5X14.5X10.5cm Weight: 1.5kg . Not so big but a little heavy, the shipping fee must be not cheap [​IMG]


    Let's open the box, you will see 3 small boxes inside.


    Take them out see clearly about the 3 packages


    Open them each box contains some items. And all of the items are protected by some plastic bags.


    Take all of the items out of the boxes


    Here are 11 items you will receive.


    Here is the video i made(sorry, if you can't see it clearly, i am not professional)


    ok this is my first review about the e3 flasher, tell you guys the package contents of E3flasher. the next step is installing it in my PS3, this is the first time i open my PS3,i will be careful, to be honest, i am a little scared, but i will do it later. Will post it in this forum once i finish it. pls just focused in this forum to get more news. Wish me good luck, guys!

    In the end, thanks for digitopz providing the sample test. nice shipping speed, beautiful package, if you are interested in buying one, it is a trustworthy site i recommend. you can know more info from here: E3 Flasher Downgrade PS3 V3.72 to V3.55

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    Source: Qj forum