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    So what big news announcements do you think we'll see this year from Nintendo? This is in the 3DS section, but I imagine we can talk Wii U here too.

    Here are my thoughts:
    More info and footage of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
    Hopefully the announcement of Majora's Mask 3D
    Introduction of one more newcomer to Super Smash
    More info and footage of Hyrule Warriors
    More info and footage of Bayonetta 2

    I feel pretty confident all of that will be there (maybe not MM3D), as well as many lesser exciting games info. But I do think its time for a bombshell of a sort. Here is my speculation on the far less likely:

    New (core) Zelda game introduced for Wii U
    New IP introduced
    Possibly a new 3DS revision announced boasting more battery power and possibly CPP features integrated

    Beyond that, I really don't know what to expect. What are your thoughts?
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    Metroid, if it doesnt appear I will be very sad.
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    I wonder why people still pay give so much credits to the E3, I haven't seen anything really interesting on E3 in a long time.
  4. duffmmann

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    We just know that its a day when new things are announced, and Nintendo knows they are struggling, would be the time to introduce something big.
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    They did announce Megaman for smash last E3 IIRC, another new character bombshell like that would be nice.
  6. MarioFanatic64

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    Sep 13, 2009
    Zelda U was confirmed to be shown at E3 this year since E3 last year.

    How are people still unaware of this?
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    No new Pokemon would have a game-changer announcement. Pokemon always ends up being just another Pokemon game, several generations in. What could you possibly want to know about a game that you've likely already played several times over? Here's all you really need to know about Omega Ruby. Its a remake of Pokemon 3 (3rd Gen) with Pokemon 6 (6th Gen) engine. Theres not really alot of surprise to come out of "more info" The only thing people probably didn't see coming from Pokemon 2 update was the Pokewalker. So why would you waste your E3 wish on Pokemon at all?

    Also, NO MORE SMASH BROTHER NEWCOMMER ANNOUNCEMENTS. While I ALWAYS get excited about new and great things like Rosalina, I feel like with all these constant updates, theres no surprises left in Smash Brothers. Back in 1999, and again in 2001 as a kid, I went absolutely bonkers when I got a "challenger approaching" not knowing what to expect. Come with Smash Brothers Brawl, the biggest hidden/unlockable characters were already announced/revealed. I knew before I even played Brawl, the kinds of characters I'd expect, and so Brawl never captivated me with delightful surprises like Smash Bros and Melee did beforehand. Alot of what I like about my personal Top 10 games list of all time has a large part to do with how they surprised me. But with everything important to me about Smash Brothers already revelead, I feel like it's not going to knock me off my ass with a twist like the series used to. I find it extremely disappointing in games when the only time my jaw is dropping is from the game trailer/announcements that came months prior to that game's release. I find it regretful that I wouldn't come across these surprises naturally as I played.

    About Hyrule Warriors... Ugg... I mean, have you even played a Dynasty Warriors game? That game series is so droll. I can't imagine a Zelda skin to make it all that much better. I mean I also was excited after the trailer until I watched it again and thought it'd probably feel and play just like that series.

    And if they announce Majora's Mask 3D, I won't be surprised, but the BETTER do more than just a port and a predictable Hero mode. Ocarina 3D gets a pass because Reverse Master Quest was able to throw off my muscle memory for about an hour to somehow feel like a newish game. If they can't atleast add Reverse Master Quest, then I'd expect an extra dungeon or DLC intergration to purchase further content.

    And I'd be surprised if Nintendo released a new IP at this point. Nintendo uses rehashes to fund new projects, and with the bad publicity and losses they've been flirting with the past year, I don't expect them to announce anything other than another Super Mario Sellout or another iteration of a standard Nintendo Franchise, as there is a common link between expertly crafted Nintendo games and poor sales.

    I guess I can sum up Nintendo E3 as "No surprises you didnt already see coming" Atleast thats what I'm expecting. I think the best possible thing that should happen that won't happen for Nintendo wouldn't be announced from Nintendo. Nintendo needs about 10 good 3DS announcements from 3rd parties and 20 good announcements from 3rd parties. That would be able to jump enough Nintendo Hype from E3 to extend well beyond TGS. While the 3DS is already responsible for two of m Top 10 games, I still feel like I've been cheated, and I can't imagine how Wii U owners feel.
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    I think there are tons of stuff people want to know from the new Pokémon:
    Are Groundon and Kyogre receiving a new form, a mega-evolution or what else? They seem different on those covers.
    Are we gonna see new mega-evolutions?
    If it's really a remake, will it follow Ruby/Saphire storyline or Emerald? Maybe a mix of both.
    Will we be able to customize our characters?
    Is the game gonna be completely in 3D or like XY?
    Will Super Training and Pokemon Amie be included?
    Will it have any streetpass feature.

    There are tons of stuff that could be said and Pokémon is a system seller and always sell outstandingly well.
    Nintendo is definetly gonna show a bit about Pokémon, if anything, it will get people hyped about the game which contributes to sells.
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