DVDinfopro expired...

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    *SOLVED! (kinda [​IMG] got an alternative working)
    *edit: Using a samsung SH-S223F and nero's cd-dvd speed fix is explained in the link below
    Guide to making SH-S223F do quality scans in nero cd-dvd speed -cdfreaks-

    Just modify that registry and leave plextor there or something [​IMG]

    I used the trial of DVDinfopro v5.230 and was really happy with it..
    until today my trial expired so i started looking for alternitives

    The only program that seems to be about as good is nero cd-dvd speed that's the version I downloaded from their site.
    I can start the benchmark but the start button in disc quality is greyed out. I know there are compatible and non compatible dvd drives but the samsung SH-S223F should be compatible, shouldn't it?

    The Samsung SH-S223F also supports Disc Quality Scanning with CD Speed, once a small edit to the system registry has been performed.
    -from CD freaks

    So... i tried looking for what has to be edited in the system registry but haven't found it yet.
    Does anyone know what I have to do or want to help me figure this out?

    All this worked fine in DVDinfopro...
    I just want to check the DVD backups for errors and quality...

    Thanks in advance for the help! [​IMG]

    (ps: the dvd i burned was a dvd-r verbatim 16x which works WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY better than my stupid Philips 16x dvd-r... [​IMG] )
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    The Bay of Pirates would like to have a word with you.
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    Well, you could....

    BUY IT! That would probably fix your problem.