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    May 17, 2009
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    105395_front.jpg Battle.jpg Setup.jpg
    Monsters are attacking a town and you have to organize the people there to defend the town and strike back against the monsters.
    In this game you organize units into squads similar to Ogre Battle and assign them to do various things.
    It looks cool. But I didn't get too far because you need to understand Japanese (I think).

    Japanese Wikipedia: (not notable enough to have an English Wikipedia article)
    Game Guide: (Japanese)

    There are no Youtube videos of this game. The best I could find was the FMV opening which isn't interesting (to me at least). Since it's lacking, I think I will record one and post it on there soon.

    I would like to do a translation of this game and I would like some help with the hacking.

    I pulled apart the ROM.
    I was looking at the file: EventScriptPack.fbe
    If there ever was a filename that just screamed, "HEY! I'M THE SCRIPT!", then this would be it.
    So as I was saying, I looked in the file.
    Red: Identifier? What is the correct term for it?
    Orange: How big is the file (including header)
    The next word is unknown
    Green: How many sub-files
    Blue: Sub-file offset
    Pink: Sub-file size

    As you can see, there is archive inside archive.

    I saw some plain text inside this file. I recognized some of the text and tried modifying it and I got this:

    I am sure the main text is compressed. I need some help decompressing and recompressing. I need some ideas about what to try. I've not worked on NDS games before.

    I looked and there was no thread for this game already, so there you go.

    Here's a screenshot:
    This FBE file doesn't match the pattern in the screenshot above. I'm stumped.
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    Try using CrystalTile2. The compression is LZ type 11.

    In your last pic of fbe file, the value 0x11 at 0x0834 and 0x2884 is the indicator for compression.

    If you open it in CrystalTile2, move your mouse to the above locations, then at Tools menu, select LZ77/HUFFMAN Extract (U), then at save as type, choose LZ77(11).

    Or if you can unpack the fbe file to sub-files, you can detect the compression if the first byte of a sub-file is 0x11. There are programs that can decompress/compress it. Just search for them on the Internet. :)
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