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    Hello all,

    First off, sorry for another thread. Didn't want to unnecessarily bump my previous one as it's a different topic.
    So my question is if I can force a program whose shortcut is located on the secondary monitor to open on the secondary monitor?

    Ie- if I had a Firefox shortcut on monitor one, it'll open in that monitor. While another Firefox shortcut on monitor two will open it in that one.

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    Windows and their locations is a pain- some bury settings in registry, some in ini files, some do nothing and more and firefox is especially fun in this regard.

    A better solution is something like ultramon, displayfusion or multimon- one of the staples of such programs is a nice little send to other monitor button. Not quite as nice as having them open where you want but nicer than dragging or more like windowing, dragging and maximising again.
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