[DSiWare]Chronos Twins Review

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    Chronos twins review
    genre: Platform shooter
    price: 500 DSi points

    game summary:
    a platform shooter like megaman, except played on 2 screens at once.
    originally published on a gamecart for the nintendo DS

    this is a game with a gameplay unique to the DS.
    your character exists in 2 times at once, so you can stand on floors that are destroyed, or not built yet.
    a "downside" to this is that you can also be attacked in both times.
    to achieve a proper distinction to the different times each separate time is displayed on a different screen.
    you just run and jump across the levels, and if you see an enemy you shoot it.
    although most of your actions are synchronised over both times, you can shoot in both times independently.
    later in the game you are also given charge shot.

    this is one of the biggest DSiware games.
    with more than enough levels to keep you busy for a while.

    not all that great, but it's old-fashioned style may very well appeal to the older gamers among us.

    originally not considered a very good DS game, but as DSiware it's among the best.
    would be nice if more companies decide to port their old games to DSiware.
    certainly worth your 500 points.


    note: any prices mentioned are for the European version of the game, other regions may have different pricings.
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