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    AiRace review
    genre: Racing
    price: 500 DSi points

    game summary:
    you have money, an obsession for airplanes, and like racing, so what do you do?
    you join the AiRaces!
    in this game you can fly various private airplanes and race other amateur pilots in "street" races in various terrains.

    the game is a race game with powerups, like the wipeout and mario kart series, but with semi-realistic airplanes.
    unlike most other racing games you actually have to worry about 3 dimensions here instead of just 2.
    controls are like Airace tunnel.
    buttons: D-pad is for steering, X/B is for controlling your speed, Y/A is for rotating 90 degrees sideways, and L/R are action buttons
    touch screen: D-pad takes over the functions for A/B/Y/X while you can use the touchscreen as a flight-stick
    the action buttons have different functions depending on the situation, but it doesn't matter if you use L or R.
    you catch an emblem: a roulette starts, which you can stop with the action buttons.
    you obtain a weapon/boost from the roulette: you can use it with the action buttons.
    a weapon is used on you: use the action buttons with the right timing to dodge the attack
    you have a breakable wall in your sight: use the action button to fire a missile at the wall to reveal a hidden passage.

    compared to most other racing games there's a lot less contents, but it's still enough to keep you busy for a while.
    the game has both single player and multiplayer(with optional bots) modes.
    in single player you can choose for a custom race, championship, time trial, bonus round, or flight lessons.
    all unlocking is done through the chamionship mode.
    for custom, championship, and time trial, you first choose a class(oldtimers, propellor planes, and jet-engine planes) and then choose 1 of 3 planes for that class to fly.
    if you want you can use points earned in the different race modes to upgrade your airplane.
    there are 6 tracks available, each in 2 directions.

    the graphics are ok, but you can't expect much more from a DSi screen.
    the graphic style is a mix between cartoon and realistic, with bright colors but more realistic style airplane designs

    although it's a relatively small game, you can clearly see the people behind it put in a lot of effort.
    the game has 4 difficulty levels, so it's playable and fun for everyone.
    for the 500 points it costs, it's certainly a nice game to get.
    not to mention it's the only racing game that didn't get a premium price-tag.


    note: any prices mentioned are for the European version of the game, other regions may have different pricings.