DSi XL's Wireless Communications mode

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    (copied from my GameFAQs thread)

    Good evening, all! I just upgraded from a DS Lite to a DSi XL tonight, and I had a quick question regarding the DSi XL's "Wireless Communications" setting.

    On the DS Lite, the only way you could adjust wireless settings were through the games themselves. I'm going to use Dragon Quest IX as an example. You set it up, but it only really works when you enter the DQVC mode (a mode where it connects to update item lists & DLC quests). In other words, it isn't always trying to connect to the wi-fi.

    On the DSi XL, they have a feature called "Wireless Communications" and with it, an option to turn it on or off. If I set it to off, I obviously cannot access the wi-fi within my Dragon Quest IX game. Only when this "Wireless Communications" is on can I get a signal or even attempt to set up the wi-fi through the Dragon Quest IX game itself.

    My question is if I set this to "enable" will this drain my battery very quickly? Or does the wireless communications only turn on and work when it's necessary (like when I try to get to the DQVC in Dragon Quest IX).

    I would like to keep it enabled just so I can access these parts of my games, but if by having to keep it enabled means it's constantly trying to find a wi-fi signal (therefore putting a quicker drain on my battery), then I suppose I should just keep it deactivated unless I need it.

    If that's the case, then wouldn't that be a step backward from the DS & DS Lite? They would only need to use wireless when you chose to connect.

    I don't know, and this doesn't seem to be covered in the stickies. Can anyone help me out?
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    I have a dsi xl using a dstwo flash cart
    my wireless is always on and there is no difference in battery draining
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    it appears to be more like an "airplane" mode, for when you're somewhere where having active wifi/communication devices is considered dangerous.