DSi screen variation

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    Jan 9, 2014
    Here's a comparison of two DSi consoles. The left one comes with 1.4.3E, the right one with 1.3.


    The pic is bad, but what I am talking about is still quite visible. The presumably older screen model seems to be biased towards red, showing noticeably warmer colors, while the newer one has more of a blueish tinge in comparison. It looks more correct to me overall, white especially.

    Also what can't be seen on the image but is quite worth mentioning: the 1.3 screen has horrible response times, resulting in ghosting, the 1.4.3E fares a lot better in this respect.

    Both came new and sealed, so I doubt this is some aftermarket job on the 1.3 one, although perhaps I can't exluclude it 100%...