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    With the DSi has arrived in Australia, Europe and North America , the new card which compatible with DSi has getting very hot recently , i would like to share my experience with you guys about 4 types of new cards in market . Hope this information will help you to find the one suited you most .

    1. As we know, DSi was listed in Japan firstly then the first flash carts- acekard 2 DSi ?AK2i?for DSi came out from acekard team.Through the test , ak2i can well suppot read e-book,watch moive and so on, also received many good feedback . Thereore , acekard team updated their version according to Australia, Europe and the U.S market.

    2. As one of biggest manufacturer of flash carts, DSTT Team pushed their new card for dsi - DSTTi into the market later. Thanks to thier speedy speeds of updating kernel and good service , it was more popular than AK2i in Japan.

    3. For the third one -EZ Flash Vi , it was developed by EZ Flash team which is a top manufacturer as well

    4. Recently, R4i SDHC came out successfully by R4 SDHC Team .Due to the outstanding performance of the earlier R4, making a lot of players have been looking forward to the emergence of R4i. It gains a lot out player's support

    Hope the above information would be helpful to you . BTW, and I have bought mines from http://www.topdepots.com and it works well.
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    Thanks for the info, but Im not sure, this might be in the wrong section.
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    I think this was meant to be an ad post, and not much else. He's obviously Chinese, yet states he's an American user, and both of his two posts are about getting a DSi from that website. Really, this doesn't belong in any section.
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    Those dumb asses need to learn English before trying to make people buy their things.
    EDIT: Crap, I just saw this topic is months old...