DSi compatible Acekard2i released.

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    DSi compatible Acekard2i released.
    first commercial DSi compatible cart
    The acekard team came by to inform us that their new acekard2i is compatible with the DSi and has been released. This makes it the first commercially available cart to support the DSi (there has been homebrew demonstrated and two proof of concept videos, one from acekard and another from team cyclops).
    It is claimed to be fully compatible with the acekard2 (the current acekard lines have fairly extensive 3rd party support via AKAIO).

    For those new to this the DSi (a new version of the DS with some extra features and notably the lack of a GBA slot aka slot2, more here) has improved security and all presently flash carts other than this one do not work with it. The extra features of the DSi are not likely to be available to this or any other cart in the near future

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    [​IMG] ak2i features
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