DS Lite won't charge - No light

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  1. g40rocket

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    Dec 20, 2009
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    I hope that someone with very technical skillz could help me.

    I explain the thing:

    I buy in ebay 2 x nintendo ds lite.

    The first have a problem, when plug the adapter to charge the orange light comes and go after 1 second.

    Well, easy fix, the F1 fuse was blown, so i repair the fuse and all work's again.

    My second ds lite is a little more complicated...

    When i plug the adapter to charge, no light and won't charge the battery.

    So i open and change the F1 and F2 fuses with a new fuses but still won't charge the battery.

    I looked more closely and see that the green and orange led light is some kind of overvoltage that's why when i turn on the console i don't have any light. The only light that work is the red light which means low battery or wi-fi connection search..

    So, i decided repair the L2 and L4 inductor power too. I put a new ones but the console won't charge the batery.

    After a extensive research i try to repair the EM10 (it is the filter responsable to charge the battery). I put a new one but the console won't charge the battery !!

    I'm crazy about that.

    I test my adapter power and it is OK.
    I try to charge the battery in my first ds lite and it is OK.
    So, both battery's is OK.

    What is the problem in my second ds lite?

    (thanks in advanced)
  2. DryYoshi

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    Maybe the light is broken?
  3. g40rocket

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    Dec 20, 2009
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    Yes, the light (except the red led light) is broken because never blink or stay on.

    After replace many fuses and EM10 filter i left the power adapter plugged trying charging the battery for 2 hours and won't charge anything... battery still low..
  4. Vigilante

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    Looks like a major problem to me