DS lite touchscreen problem

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  1. AdrianCXD

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    Feb 19, 2013
    As you've already seen in the title, my touchscreen doesn't work properly. Right now, after I turn the console on, if I tap it, the ds would think that the touchscreen is still being touched on the very left part of the screen, and it is also very unaccurate. I tried recalibrating it, but nothing happened after pressing anything on the calibration screen. I can still play a few games that recquire touchscreen, but most of them won't work.

    By the way, one night I left it in a humid place, and the next morning, its back was really wet. I opened it up with a flathead screwdriver (I could barely remove two tri-wing screws, but not the one under the battery, so I just looked insinde a bit) to check for any signs of water, but there was nothing inside. That's when it happened. I've also had a little problem with this before the event (while writing a signature, whenever I pressed the touchscreen, it would leave a black mark as I've moved the stylus on it).

    A few days after that, I opened it again and pressed the clap which makes the connection with the touchscreen and it worked again for a day, but then the problem persisted.

    Will replacing the touchscreen module fix my problem?
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    Dec 6, 2012
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    It should. The part is very cheap so there is no harm in trying.

    The clip on the touchscreen cable is very delicate though. I broke it the first time I tried to replace one. I recommend gently using your finger to open the latch, trying to use a tool is how I broke it.

    I just replaced a touchsreen last week, it cost less than $4 on ebay and took me about 5 minutes to swap out.