DS Lite repair help

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    Jan 4, 2011
    Hi all

    Not sure if this is the right section but here goes...

    I have a DSiXL coming in the mail, but long story short I bought my wife a DS Lite a year ago from a HK seller with "2 years local warranty". Seller is AWOL, unit appears refurbished and now has a non-working Mic and LCD display issues up top (red tinge) and down below (grainy image). I have a tri wing etc and have pulled the bottom off (and broken my power switch go me! haha) but cannot see anything that may be "pinching" either of the orange flex cables which is what someone suggested to me might be the case (don't care too much about the Mic for now).

    I have tested this by leaving the back completely off and just holding the battery in place and turning unit on. Same problem.

    Anyone have some troubleshooting tips for me on where I might be able to find this problem and fix it?

    EDIT: I want to repair this so I can use it, and also for the GBA player, otherwise I would just sell it for parts on ebay or something