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    Sep 18, 2010
    I don't know if it's right to post here, if not please don't delete but move to someplace else.
    This is my problem. I accidentally dropped my DS Lite from about 1 meter from the ground when it was in sleepmode. Then both the screen went black. When I turned off and on again, the LED still on but the screen was black. I thought it was because of my R4 then I removed it and turn on again, but nothing came up. I had tried with the DS Gamecard but still the same, even when I didn't put anything in, the DS not load its firmware. But for about 3 hours later, I put my R4 in and turn on, it was on:)). But later when I was playing and press Select or Start, it freeze, then black screen. But later it still on but still freeze like that. I think it because of something inside was loosed. Anyone had an idea about how to fix this? I still want to keep it because there are many good DS game until now and 3DS is 2011 and I want to wait until it hacked and have "Lite version" like the DS with some new function.
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    Buy a tri-wing screwdriver (can be had for under 4 dollars on alot of websites) and use a guide to take apart your DS, then make sure everything is connected. I dropped my DS lite 3 years ago and it somehow bent the power switch and I had to take it apart but it was a quick and easy fit. Plus the tri-wing can be used to dismantle pretty much every other Nintendo item.