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    I stumbled across this great homebrew app, very small and works pretty good, but cannot find if there is a newer version that has rename and exit to menu support. I see on Filefont that the author has uploaded a file called DSFile2.nds, its larger in size but has the same release date as DSFile v0.5, I'm gonna test it and see if it's the same thing.

    I cannot find if the author has anything newer or even has a site I can contact him through. His name is: calcprogrammer1, does he browse these forums?

    This program works much better than DSbrowser (kinda slow and no touch screen controls) and DSOrganize (commonly freezes with latest build and pretty big footprint of space).

    Thanks in Advance!

    EDIT: after running DS File 2 I find that renaming was implemented but broken, says to talk to the creators of DevKitPro. Dunno what that is about.