Hacking DS Auto Rom Renamer


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
Those dats can be fed to a wide variety of ROM management programs; fans of every console benefit from ROM management so there are general purpose tools aimed at working with any console someone cares to make a database for, search either for the formats or see what the sites themselves mention as worth using. Most of those can be pointed at the folders that contain the ROMS and then rename according to a pattern of your choice (number - name should be fairly basic too, though numbers might vary between lists as those are things individual sites make up and not the Scene).

There are some more DS specific ones that will also do things like extract icons for you if you wanted, https://gamebrew.org/wiki/Rominator being one of the ones people used to like but I don't know when it got updates until and what it ended up doing. Personally I used to like offlinelist http://offlinelist.free.fr/ as general program but I am odd that way. The best tools are probably those made for things like mame (there is a reason clrmame became a popular format). Though other all systems type projects like goodtools/goodset might yield something, and some even like to compress region dupes together to save space.
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