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    My dad has had a drinking problem for a while now. My family got him into rehab, and it seemed to have worked, but recently he's been drinking again. He always gets super-angry, and denies everything, even going as far as saying he didn't drink even if an alcohol testing thing shows he did. I really need some help, it's affecting me and my family in a bad way.
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    I can't personally comment but IMO his aggression has nothing to do with the drinking,nice people are nice whether drunk or sober. Maybe when he is sober he just suppresses his anger and since drinking lowers inhibition the true him comes out. My parents don't drink or do drugs but personally I think if he makes a lot of money and he is a good man that takes care of his family,I personally can't say I would be bothered if my dad was an alcoholic as long as he brings home a high income and keeps the families living standard up. Anyways,that is just my opinion and I wish you the best of luck.
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    Interventions can be a powerful tool to properly face addiction. Even with rehab and meetings, some addicts still refuse they have a problem. It does sound like he have a problem admitting that he's an alcoholic.

    Just my two cents - I used to have a drinking problem in my late teens, until only a couple years ago. Nearly destroyed my life, and I was the only one to blame for it. However - I understand, have seen and have been in the situation. Addicts find it hard to admit they have a problem. I didn't have an intervention as such, but it was only when I basically hit rock-bottom is when I did something.

    Your father needs to realise that he needs to face his problem or he'll lose a lot more than just your respect.

    That is bad advice. It is not okay to be aggressive or violent as long as somebody makes money. My father worked a lot and kept our standards of living up, but I still resent him for having almost nothing to do with my life. Money does not make a happy family.
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    Totally wrong. Alcohol has different effects on different people.
    For some it doesn't do much (I just get a little happier for instance), but for others (my father and sister) it changes their personality SO much.
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    I meant IMO drinking isn't a problem as long as he doesn't get violent.The more money you make the more stressors you face.