Dragon Quest IX Delay May Influence FFXIII?

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    Oct 26, 2007

    "So Square Enix' next DS bestseller, Dragon Quest IX, has been pushed back to the next fiscal year in Japan, thanks to some major bugs. Whoops! No wonder the company slashed their earnings forecast for the year. What does this mean for Square Enix' other titles? Japanese news site IT Media reports that Final Fantasy XIII may be influenced by the delay of Dragon Quest IX, according to Yoichi Wada.

    It's unclear as to what form this 'influence' will take and nothing more specific has been said. It could mean Final Fantasy XIII will be delayed in Japan, or it could mean that the game is actually brought forward in the US and Europe in order to increase the company's FY 2009 income and more quickly recoup their FY 2008 losses. Alternatively, it could mean the main character might wear a slightly different outfit now. We simply don't know."