Download-Play between NA and EU system?

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    Hey everyone,

    I own a NA N3DS XL with A9LH and Luma3DS, which I bought in Canada.
    However I'll be in Germany soon and was wondering if I can do download play with the EU systems there.

    I know what doesn't work (since I had the chance to try that): Having a NA game & console try to download-play with a EU system (because of region locking).

    However I was wondering what would happen if I get the EU release of a game (which I can run on my system thanks to Luma) - could I possibly do download play with a EU system then?

    Or are region checks done on a system level so download-play will refuse to ever work with other region systems?

    What about Luma3D's region/language emulation? Could that help me?

    Or do I have to go all the way and actually region-change my system like described here?

    I sadly don't have 2 different region systems yet, so I can't try it out...
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    It varies beetwen game to the game, for example some games can Download Play with most or all Regions like Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, some can Download Play in another region even so if you use the other region and finally most of games that can"t Download Play with an another region console and you only will get a "Communication Error" or it"ll never are going to detect other consoles if you use the another region game.
    In the last case you will need to Region Change the system , you should keep a copy of the Original Region Nand in a Safe Place and if you want in your SD Card too, you can create and use an EmuNand or RedNand in the SD for the Region Changed Nand; also note that you can"t use eShop and some other services in a Region Changed "New" 3DS without patches.
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