Dolphin - Are max settings really needed?

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    Hello, I was curious about something for a while now.

    When playing Brawl, I am fully capable of running it at 8xIR + 8xSSAA (A-A) + 16x (AF) on even the most demanding stages I have for modding, such as Gaur Plain.

    However, I do not notice a difference at all in quality from what I did before, the only difference of which was 3xIR. I do not have a 4K screen anyway and 5K screens will most likely never be a thing, so I believe I want to keep the settings the same. I notice some slight improvements if I look very closely as I change the settings, but if I were to change the settings and look away from the screen, nothing changes to me.

    Or would it be even less taxing on my GPU to just set it to 4xIR and turn off all the other fancy stuff, because I have no idea. I just want to know what I can set it to so that it looks the absolute best it can without draining my resources too much. Something that I would notice, might I add. I do not just want to leave everything maxed and drain my GPU if I do not even notice it.
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    Keeping AF at 16X should barely have any performance impact. The only reason to set IR higher than what your monitor is capable of would be a typically expensive way to reduce aliasing. That's assuming Dolphin even has the means to properly supersample, which I don't think it does. Either way, you're better off setting IR to match your monitor and using AA instead.

    I'm sure you know the higher the AA the better but it's subjective whether or not you'd really be able to tell a difference during normal gameplay unless you were looking for it. If you can do 8x SSAA I'd say go for it. If you're wondering how it affects your GPU you can use something like HWmonitor or HWinfo and run a few benchmarks in Doplhin to see if there are any significant changes.
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